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Full of Sith
Episode 408 – The Acolyte Episode 7 “CHOICE” Discussion
3 DAYS AGO - It’s the big penultimate episode for The Acolyte season 1 and we’ve got a lot of heavy thoughts on Expand
Episode 405 – The Acolyte Episode 4 “Day” Discussion
6/21/2024 - The episode is titled “DAY” and all we can think about all day everyday is MUNDI and Bazil! And Expand
Episode 402 – The Phantom Menace Read Along Story Book Experience
5/20/2024 - It’s the 25th anniversary of our beloved Phantom Menace and that also means it’s Expand
Episode 400 – The QVC Phantom Menace Spectacular
5/4/2024 - It’s our big 400 episode of Blast Points, the 25 anniversary of The Phantom Menace AND May Expand
Episode 397 – The Birth of Star Wars – May 1976 to May 1977
4/16/2024 - In May of 1976, things looked pretty bleak for George Lucas’ big space fantasy movie. It was Expand
Acolyte First Trailer Freakout Bonus Episode
3/20/2024 - The first look at the highly anticipated THE ACOLYTE is here and we are talking about it and Expand
Episode 392 – PODRACE MONTH – The Sound of the Podrace
3/5/2024 - We’re kicking off a month long series of episodes all about the Boonta Eve Classic aka The Expand
2/13/2024 - It’s almost time for the return of our favorite squad of misfit super clones and we’re Expand
Episode 386 – Star Wars Babies and Star Wars Is For Babies
1/25/2024 - Everyone loves Star Wars and everyone loves babies.   Therefore, everyone loves Star Wars babies! Expand
Episode 407 – The Acolyte episode 6 “Teach / Corrupt” Discussion
7/4/2024 - It’s summertime and The Acolyte is turning up THE HEAT!  Join us as we discuss episode 6 Expand
Episode 404 – The Acolyte Episode 3 “DESTINY” Discussion
6/15/2024 - The Dark Side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural but Expand
Episode 401 – Tony McVey – from Jar Jar to Salacious Crumb (with Tom Spina)
5/14/2024 - This week on Blast Points we are honored to be chatting with an ILM legend, the great TONY MCVEY! Expand
Episode 399 – The Bad Batch Series Finale Has Arrived
5/2/2024 - The Bad Batch series may be done but we’re still talking about Clone Force 99 in Blast Expand
Episode 396 – Japanese George Lucas Commercial Reports with Silver (Star Wars Thrifting) and “plus one” Miranda
4/9/2024 - We all know about the legendary Japanese George Lucas commercials but have you seen the one with Expand
Episode 394 – PODRACE MONTH – The Many Versions of the Podrace
3/19/2024 - As we come into the final lap of PODRACE MONTH here at Blast Points, we’re taking the time Expand
Episode 391 – The Ranch Batch – Our Adventures in Northern California and The Bad Batch Season 3
2/27/2024 - We recently had the incredible honor to be able to do dream come true tours of Rancho Obi-Wan, Expand
Episode 388 – The Bringing Up Norky Of Destiny
2/6/2024 - In 2004, as part of the Star Wars Fan Club, both Jason and Gabe received in the mail Expand
Episode 385 – The Reel Changes of the Prequel Trilogy
1/17/2024 - It’s a new year of Blast Points and we’re starting out with a “reel” Expand
Episode 406 – The Acolyte Episode 5 “Night” Discussion
6/28/2024 - It’s the crazy crazy craziest Acolyte night yet as we’re talking all about the episode that Expand
Episode 403 – The Acolyte episodes 1 and 2 Freakout
6/7/2024 - It’s some Acolyte crazy nights and we’re excited to finally be talking about this show Expand
5/12/2024 - We asked for YOUR stories of seeing The Phantom Menace back on the big screen for the 25th Expand
Episode 398 – The Yoda Arc of the Covenant
4/23/2024 - With the re-release of The Phantom Menace days away and The Acolyte being right around the corner, Expand
Episode 395 – The Story of The Story of The Empire Strikes Back
4/2/2024 - In 1980 if you wanted to relive The Empire Strikes Back but couldn’t make it to the theater Expand
Episode 393 – PODRACE MONTH – Meet the Podracers
3/12/2024 - Podrace Month continues as we examine something that has eluded us for decades : who are the Expand
Episode 390 – WampaMania with TOM SPINA
2/19/2024 - It’s total Wampa madness as we are joined once again by Regal Robot’s Tom Spina Expand
Episode 387 – The 70mm EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Experience
1/30/2024 - This week we’re unleashing something that we have been obsessed with lately, the Expand

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