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Full of Sith
Episode 2,430: COVID-19 Positive PSA
20 HRS AGO - I debated whether it was worth saying anything on the podcast about me getting COVID, but in case Expand
Episode 2,428: Damaged Do-Gooders in Post-Skywalker Storytelling
2 DAYS AGO - We’re continuing our look at post-Skywalker-Saga storytelling, and the trends we’re Expand
Episode 2,427: Scoundrels at the Margins of Post-Skywalker Storytelling
3 DAYS AGO - Yesterday we talked about a certain kind of story that’s becoming prevalent in the Expand
Episode 2,426: Star Wars Storytelling After the Skywalker Saga
4 DAYS AGO - What would Star Wars storytelling look like, once the Skywalker Saga was complete? Now that more Expand
Episode 2,423: Amy Richau Interview
7 DAYS AGO - Amy Richau is the author of her first Star Wars book, “I Love You. I Know. Lessons in Love Expand
Episode 2,421: The High Republic, But Make It Boba Fett
2/18/2021 - This notion of epic Star Wars storytelling initiatives with a tale told across a variety of Expand
Episode 254 – The Boba Fett Renaissance
2/16/2021 - BOBA FETT!  have you heard of him?  We’re finally doing an episode all about the one and only Boba Expand
Episode 2,418: Mando Memos: The Armorer and the Way to More Mando Drama
2/15/2021 - Last we saw the Armorer, she was salvaging what she could from the Mandalorian covert before Expand
Episode 2,415: Adding Context Around the End of Gina Carano as Cara Dune
2/12/2021 - “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in Expand
Episode 2,429: Not Your Parents’ Force Users in Post-Skywalker Storytelling
1 DAY AGO - There’s not one “thing” that makes Star Wars “Star Wars,” but Force Expand
Clone Wars Rewatch with Matt Rushing – SWR 462
3 DAYS AGO - Subscribe to Riley’s Substack!  And Catch Riley Bruce, and Matt in this week’s Expand
The Three Stooges | Fly Casual Episode 302 | Your Pop Culture Podcast
4 DAYS AGO - In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, the boys talk the pop culture news of the day. In Expand
Episode 2,425: Mando Memos: What We Learned About Migs Mayfeld
5 DAYS AGO - Migs Mayfeld became a multi-dimensional character in season 2 of The Mandalorian, and his arc Expand
Episode CDII: The Villains of Star Wars
2/20/2021 - Episode CDII: The Villains of Star Wars Recorded 2/17/21 Holly and Bryan are joined once again by Expand
A Test Of Courage- TWL #414
2/17/2021 - Justina Ireland’s incredible entry into the High Republic, “A Test of Courage,” Expand
Episode 2,419: Yeah, But What Scares the Sith?!
2/16/2021 - The question “What scares the Jedi?” was crucial to the development of the High Expand
Episode 2,417: Nick Martorelli Interview Part 2 – High Republic Audiobooks Executive Producer
2/14/2021 - Penguin Random House Audio Executive Producer Nick Martorelli dives even deeper into the process Expand
Episode CDI: Blame the Bryans
2/11/2021 - Episode CDI: Blame the Bryans Recorded 2/10/21 Holly and Bryan empty the inbox and have a Expand
Episode CDIII: The Psychology of Luke Skywalker
2 DAYS AGO - Episode CDIII: The Psychology of Luke Skywalker Recorded 2/23/21 On today’s episode, Bryan Expand
Into The Dark- TWL #415
3 DAYS AGO - We round out the first set of The High Republic novels by taking a deep look at Claudia Expand
Episode 255 – INDY YEAR – Raiders on Record – interview with TOM VOEGELI
4 DAYS AGO - Indy Year continues as we look at a little secret gem in Indiana Jones history, 1981’s Expand
Episode 2,424: Spinner Sunday: Go Together (Part 2)
6 DAYS AGO - The conclusion of a new High Republic story also signals a continued investment in a unique Expand
Episode 2,422: What Exactly Is Star Wars: Hunters?
2/19/2021 - First-person shooter? Multiplayer co-op? Arena challenges? Today, we’re sorting out the Expand
Episode 2,420: Rian Johnson’s Trilogy? Still Happening
2/17/2021 - Rian Johnson confirms – yet again – that his Star Wars trilogy is still a thing. And Expand
Classic Arcade | Fly Casual Episode 301 | Your Pop Culture Podcast
2/15/2021 - In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, the boys talk the pop culture news of the day. In Expand
Episode 2,416: Nick Martorelli Interview Part 1 – High Republic Audiobooks Executive Producer
2/13/2021 - How do you create an audio experience that *feels* like Star Wars and yet is a new galactic Expand
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